Unique Skills Veterans Bring to Business in the Pacific Northwest

Andrew P. Doro, CEO of Millbrook Support Services, recently discussed the unique skills veterans bring to small business recovery. Veterans help the safety and security of the United States in many ways civilians do not always understand completely. Andrew P. Doro proudly served as a First Lieutenant in the U.S. Army. He was a platoon leader for combat, pacification, and intelligence operations. However, his contributions to the improvement of this country did not stop when he was wounded in battle and left the Army with a Purple Heart, Silver Star, and numerous other citations.  Doro recently discussed how veterans bring unique skillsets to business recovery, helping rebuild and sustain the economy, especially during major economic crises.

Veterans Bring Adaptability

Roughly one in ten small businesses is veteran owned. Recent and current economies have been difficult for small businesses, but Andrew Doro explained that veterans are experts at triumphing despite difficult circumstances. Mr. Doro commented that “one reason veteran-owned businesses remain productive during challenging economies is because of the adaptability of their owners.” Miliary service presents countless difficult situations. As such, veterans have learned to move and adapt to changing environments. Military service members have learned to adapt in order to survive. Now, these veterans apply these survival tactics to their business needs.

Veterans Have Networks 

Military service members must work together to problem-solve and survive in combat. They rely on their unit for success, and this ability carries over into business life. Veteran business owners have a network that acts like a military unit. Veterans within the network take care of each other and the success of their businesses. Additionally, veterans have access to several organizations dedicated to helping their businesses thrive. Boots to Business and Region X Veterans Business Outreach Center are two such organizations that serve veteran small business owners.

Boots to Business

Transition programs help veterans make the change from service to civilian life. These programs have seen great advancements in recent years. Veterans who want to learn the ins and outs of business ownership can join the Boots to Business program, which includes an introduction to entrepreneurship course for service members as well as their spouses.

Region X Veterans Business Outreach Center

In addition to Boots to Business, the Veterans Business Outreach Center provides numerous training and coaching courses for veterans, their spouses, and eligible partners. The Veterans Business Outreach Center teams up with the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) to help veterans in every step of the entrepreneurship process. This includes business advising, access to financing, webinars, and more. The SBA offered roughly $835 million in loans to veterans across the country in 2020, and they continue to offer similar amounts today. The goal is to empower former service members and their spouses to pursue the American dream of successful business ownership.

Andrew Doro and Small Business Ownership

Andrew P. Doro is a prime example of a veteran who adapted and used his network and resources to reach success. He is now the President, CEO, and Founder of Millbrook Support. He also served on the Board of Directors for a Veteran Outreach Center, giving back to his veteran community, and helping achieve success after service.

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