The Best Meeting Rooms in Dubai

Meeting rooms are designated areas that are utilized for holding meetings, and they are equipped with the necessary tools to make displaying visual content possible for the meeting’s attendants. The same applies to audio and video content as well.

You can find the best meeting rooms in Dubai, as they are an essential requirement for its operating businesses. And even though firms and companies in Dubai are likely to have meeting rooms in their office, that does not substitute for having meeting rooms that are outside the office, and which can be used when holding meetings for attendants from many different businesses.

Meeting rooms in Dubai can be of great benefit when meetings need to take place for lengthy periods of time, for many consecutive days for instance.

But where can you find the best meeting rooms in Dubai?

Where to Spot Meeting Rooms in Dubai

Dubai has many satisfying options for you regarding meeting rooms, some of them are the following:

1. DIFC Academy Venues

There is no better place to look in for meeting rooms than DIFC. Dubai International Financial Centre is home to DIFC Academy venues; it is located in DIFC Gate Village 2, and it offers meeting spaces that are the ideal choice for you no matter what your company’s or organization’s field is. Academic? Professional? Corporate? DIFC is the place for you.

Not only can you book the academy’s venues for meetings, but you can also book them for conferences, lectures, workshops, networking events and product launches.

That creates a complete portfolio to choose from in case your business is looking for spaces beyond ones for meetings.

DIFC meeting rooms are situated across two floors, and they have the capacity of 8 attendants. But thanks to the rooms’  adaptable configurations and adjoining ability, they can be managed to welcome many more attendants.

2. Dubai World Trade Centre

Located on Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai World Trade Centre offers those looking for the best meeting rooms in Dubai with meeting spaces, which capacity ranges from 20 – 200 attendants.

These meeting rooms are situated above the Centre’s halls on the first floor, and they include built-in audio and visual equipment, and WiFi connectivity.

The Dubai World Trade Centre’s meeting rooms are a great option for breakout sessions during conferences, and regular client meetings or those during exhibitions. They can also be utilized as a training room or media centre.

3. Radisson Hotels

Hotels are known for having meeting rooms and conference spaces, as well as auditoriums, and Radisson Hotels in Dubai are no different.

The Radisson Hotels present you with the best meeting rooms in Dubai. They are designed to be the best ones for virtual and hybrid meetings especially, as these rooms promise you no sound or picture glitches, or any unexpected and unwanted issues with connecting devices and logging in and out of accounts, alongside the ability to start meetings with one-touch, present content wirelessly, and much more.

To Conclude

If you are looking for the best meeting rooms in Dubai, there are many options available for you, and DIFC Academy venues have many options as well that will satisfy your needs.

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