The #1 Thing You Can Do to Make Using Job Boards Better

The way people look for jobs has changed drastically over the last 20 years. Gone are the days of scouring the local newspaper and driving to employer locations to drop off applications. Thanks to the internet, everything is done online now. People search for jobs from the comfort of their own homes. And more often than not, they use job boards.

Pharma Diversity is a pharmacuetical and biotech job board. You can visit their site and find thousands of listings at companies across the country. That said, do you know the number one thing you can do to make job boards better? Most people do not.

According to Pharma Diversity, here it is:

Offer As Many Contact Options As Possible

Prior to the internet age, communicating with prospective employers was pretty easy. You went directly to the employer’s office to fill out an application. If there was an opening to schedule your interview during that visit, you did it. Otherwise, you waited for a phone call at the number you provided in your application. Getting the phone call meant going back to the office for a face-to-face interview.

These days, we apply for jobs online. We also communicate online. Unfortunately, not everyone prefers the same method of communication. Some people prefer email. Others prefer texting. Still, others prefer old-fashioned phone calls and face-to-face meetings. As a job candidate, do not expect recruiters to cater to your preferences. Instead, you cater to theirs.

You will get a lot more responses if you provide as many contact options as possible. So provide a phone number (for calls and texts), personal email address, and links to your social media profiles. If you use any kind of instant messaging service, provide that information as well.

Check Your Channels Regularly

In addition to providing contact information, check your communication channels regularly. That means keeping the volume up on your phone. It means checking your email multiple times per day. It means checking in with your social media pages, your IM platform, etc.

Other Things You Can Do

Opening up as many lines of communication as possible is the best thing you can do to improve the results you get from job boards. But it is not all you can do. There are other things as well:

  • Answer Every Question – If you have to fill out an application, answer every question. Do not leave a single one blank. Even if a question doesn’t apply to you, write in ‘not applicable. Rest assured that hiring managers and recruiters hate to see blank spaces. Companies ask questions for a reason. They expect answers.
  • Furnish All Documentation – Some jobs require documentation such as proof of U.S. citizenship, proof of credentials, etc. Provide all the documentation upfront. Do not force the recruiter to ask for it or your application might just be passed over.
  • Follow Up – It is still appropriate in the internet age to follow up on applications. You do not have to be overbearing or obnoxious. Just a quick email message or text letting the employer know you are still available does wonder. It reminds hiring managers of your interest in their company.

Job boards are fantastic tools for finding work. Just don’t fall into the habit of posting your resume and expecting employers to come knocking down on your door. Put forth some effort and job boards become all that much better. The more effort you put into finding work, the more likely it is you will succeed. That much hasn’t changed – even in the internet age.

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