Tricks For Hanging Pictures With Style

In interior design, small details are often the ones that bring great results. In addition to the decoration, those details that speak of the owners, that provide a personal touch, are very important.

The paintings dress the walls and add style to the rooms by helping to create visual effects. But to create an adequate effect we have to follow some guidelines.

Here you go for the best tips on hanging canvas prints.

Hang the Pictures by Areas

The paintings manage to capture our attention and guide our eyes along the wall. A good method for hanging pictures is to organize them by area. For example, we can place a large box without too much competition nearby, a group of boxes of different sizes or the same line of boxes all the same size.

Avoid Saturation

It is better to have few but well-defined focal points than a wall saturated with pictures. The paintings contribute more if they are distributed by areas, avoiding the gallery effect of wonders, which does not allow us to fix the view on a single point. Try not to display pictures on all the walls without any order. If you want to place many pictures in the same place, you have to take into account the proportions, color and space.

The Height

It is one of the guidelines to take into account when placing the paintings. It is very important to hang them at the height of the observer, at eye level. If you put only one box, you must follow this rule; if you put several, the most important one must follow the same pattern.

The Imaginary Line

The height of the tables must maintain a certain consistency. We can draw an imaginary line that crosses the middle of all the squares. Except if you want to achieve a particular effect, the boxes must all remain at an average height from the ground.

Symmetrical Shapes

We can place the paintings symmetrically both horizontally and vertically, in a double or triple horizontal or vertical line, forming geometric figures, in a cross, etc. This distribution suggests order and is very easy to put into practice.

Group the Boxes Online

This way of placing the pictures can be useful to alter the apparent proportions of the space. If we have a room with low ceilings, this will be the ideal way to give it a greater sensation of height. In the same way as the paintings aligned in a horizontal line, it is ideal for corridors and long passageways.


Experiment with the designs. We can decorate with messy paintings of different sizes. We can group them around a first central picture.

The Space

It is important to leave a space between the pictures and never put them together. You have to keep certain distances between them, according to their size. The larger the squares, the greater the distance between them and vice versa.

Paintings on Furniture

When we place a painting on a piece of furniture (armchair, bed, sideboard, etc.) it should not be too close to the ceiling in the piece of furniture. The relationship should always be that the painting is closer to the furniture than to the ceiling, so as not to feel that it is floating. It must also be taken into account that it is preferable that the painting is not wider than the furniture.

By following these simple tips we can decorate a room with paintings, creating spaces with a lot of style and personality.

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