Photography Tips For Hobby Photographers

The most important photo tips for hobby photographers – how to take photos that leave an impression!

Just pressed the shutter button on your cell phone camera and sent a photo? Happens thousands of times a day and is as commonplace as passing clouds. But who wants to take everyday photos that get lost in the recipient’s picture gallery? With a few basic tips for ambitious hobby photographers, pictures can be created that will also inspire their descendants. Immortalized on professionally designed photo cards, the most beautiful moments can be preserved permanently. The following photo tips reveal how these can be put in the right light.

Here you go for nude photography tips and techniques with photos.

Perfect for Extended Photo Sessions – Blue Hour and Golden Hour

Photographers know to avoid taking photos for a few hours a day. This includes, among other things, midday, when the sun has reached its zenith. The light is too bright during this time and swallows up the darker image components. Bright ones, in turn, are overburdened by the blinding sunlight. That’s a good thing, because really good photography is exhausting. It really doesn’t have to be in the midday heat.

Rather, over the course of a day, the

  • blue hour in the morning before sunrise,
  • Golden hour mornings after sunrise as well
  • Golden hour in the evening before sunset and
  • Blue hour in the evening after sunset

to use for unique shots.

However, it should be noted that the blue hour and thus also the golden hour appear at different times as the seasons change. In winter, for example, the evening blue hour already occurs during rush hour, which, depending on the motif chosen, can conflict with the traffic lights and brightly illuminated city lights.

Blue Hour

With a tripod, you can take razor-sharp photos without shaking. The ISO setting on the base value in conjunction with the manual mode ensures borderline brilliant images.

Golden Hour

If you want to take portraits in the soft light of sunrise or sunset, it’s a good idea to shoot in the same direction as the sunlight is falling. In the case of backlit shots, there is a harder contrast, which can be used for silhouette shots. A camera with a full-frame sensor optimally captures the dreamlike atmosphere. Panoramic images, which are particularly suited to capturing expansive landscapes, can add atmosphere with an ultra-wide-angle lens.

Bokeh Effect Makes Close-Up Subjects Shine

Especially on vacation, there are often occasions to stage a motif with a close-up. An exotic butterfly, a special flower or a completely different detail that eludes the usual attention: With the bokeh effect, the background behind the desired motif becomes blurred. It is important to set the aperture as open as technically possible. The exposure time should be 1/200 seconds. A focal length of 50 or 200 mm proves to be ideal.


It’s worth getting up early in the day to take professional, memorable photos. The most beautiful moments can be shared with loved ones in the form of a self-designed photo card.

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