Female Entrepreneurs – Business Networking 101

Let’s face it – female entrepreneurs account for around 49.7% of the workforce globally, yet only 28% of women are leaders and managers. What’s more, 43% of women often feel that they are discriminated against in the workplace because of gender. Globally, gender pay is continuously growing, with female entrepreneurs earning 23% less.

Now, just imagine that you have an opportunity to express your challenges, ideas, and ambitions. Could it be great to be in a space occupied by female entrepreneurs supporting one another while sharing inspirational stories and advice? If this seems like something that you can benefit from, then you need to consider women’s networking by attending business events.

What is Business Networking?

It is an act of maintaining a positive relationship with clients as well as other experts in the industry. Maintaining a list of contacts will enable you to share helpful insights, attain business goals, and be updated on industry changes.

You can also receive and offer invaluable career guidance as well as learn more about job opportunities out there. To create helpful networks, seek opportunities that can expand the list of your professional contacts.

Why is Networking Important?

You don’t need to be an expert to see the connection between business opportunities and relationships. Like males, females also need networking for various reasons.

First, building a business network helps female entrepreneurs get access to a lot of new opportunities. By meeting several new people and establishing solid relationships, you will learn more about business deals, speaking engagements, and job openings.

Networking also helps to build solid reputations. You will achieve this by establishing yourself as a considerate, supportive, knowledgeable, and reliable industry expert. If you do this right, people will start perceiving you as an expert in the industry.

What Challenges Do Female Entrepreneurs Face?

As a female entrepreneur, you will face challenges before you attain success. Some of the obstacles you will encounter may include:

  • Discrimination and bias – Research shows that women in business face more discrimination and bias than their male counterparts, especially in male-dominated sectors.
  • Unconscious bias and stereotyping – Women can face stereotypes and assumptions about their ambition and abilities, resulting in a lack of support and missed opportunities.
  • Lack of representation – The truth is that females have been underrepresented in leadership roles and might, at times, struggle to get female peers or mentors in their sector.

What is the Solution?

A strong professional network is a perfect solution for the challenges that women entrepreneurs face. To create a professional network, you must concentrate on relationship skills. Engaging with different like-minded people, mentors, and industry leaders will allow you to make a deep connection.

Another way is to create short-term and effective connections. Brief encounters at online communities, workshops, and networking events may help to spark partnerships and collaborations or get new clients.

The Takeaway

As a female entrepreneur, you will face many hurdles and barriers. But don’t worry – networking is a powerful tool that will enable you to overcome those hurdles. By doing it right, you will be represented with many business deals and opportunities that can steer your business growth.

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